This site is for providing you with stuff I wrote. Everything is copyrighted by me, if not said so, differently. If you'd like to use something for publishing on your site or any other media, drop me a mail. Parts of the site are in German as they are language or residence-related. If you like anything here, fell free to surprise me!
My E-Mail is: matze pigear halibrand dot de

Recent stuff:

Homepage of "Inside America" goes online soon:

I'm editing the movie "Inside America" for two weeks now. There is already a homepage online, but it will be upgraded to a real interesting one, shortly, bringing you all the infos you'll need and more.

Deutsch Dvorak Typ II für Mac OS X

Ein alternatives Tastaturlayout, umgesetzt für Mac OS X. Gesünder tippen mit halibrand.de.
•    www.halibrand.de/dvorak

Nouvelle-Courage Blog

Eine vereinfachte Umleitung zu unserem Schnitten-Blog.
•    www.halibrand.de/kaderschmiede

Merge many image-files to HDR using Photoshop ...

This is a tool I wrote for another student at Filmacademy Vienna. He had to convert thousands of JPEG-images he shot with a digital camera in three different exposure-steps to OpenEXR-images.
•    www.halibrand.de/batchhdr

Delete QuickTime Audio-Tracks ...

This is a tool written in AppleScript for optimizing the workflow of the postproduction process editing the movie "Inside America". It acts as a droplet and will delete any audio-track of one or multiple QuickTime-files dropped on it. I wrote this, because our clips were having an AUX-TC-audio track. After decoding this track to a real TC-track, we had to get rid of the audio, before importing to FinalCutPro. I will probably dedicate a whole page to the workflow in the near future. For now, it's just the tool for your time savings. BE AWARE, it will delete the audio-track. YOU WON'T GET IT BACK. USE WITH CAUTION. If you like it, surprise me!
•    deleteaudiotracks.app.zip
UPDATE: I added a progress indicator, that you know, how much is done, already.

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